South Channel Area Mining

Although short lived, mining had an effect on the area as an operation and as a factor in early human settlement. Some of the minors brought their families and as the mines declined these people had to find alternative means of income. They started with subsistence agriculture which was eventually replaced by employment opportunities in the evolving resort hotel, tourist, and cottage service industries.


  • Five Mile Bay Mine - Details coming soon!
  • In 1893, the Parry Sound Mining Company began exploring for gold and copper. Located on the north shore of Spider Bay and Spider Lake, a 44 meter shaft was sunk. Resources quickly began to deplete and operations ceased in 1904.
  • In 1902 the Consolidated Copper Company began operations along the north shore of Spider lake. One shaft was sunk to 45 meters. The mine ceased operations a year later, leaving the shaft as a reminder.
  • On Anthony Island in Spider Bay, the Wilcox Mine was established with eight shallow pits and two large shafts. What remains today are the shafts, ground indentations, and a building foundation.